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Free webinar

Want to understand how to process data in Apache Kafka with Structured Streaming❓

16 January 2022, at 8PM CET

MDT & <coach name>

Duration: 30 min + Q&A
Webinar is directed to:
✔️ Junior Scala developers
✔️ Mid Scala developers
✔️ Java developers wanted to increase Scala skills
✔️ Java developers wanted to start working with Apache Spark/Kafka
✔️ Developers who want to understand Apache Spark/Kafka
✔️ Developers interested in data processing

During the event, we will let you know:

📍 What is the….❓
📍 Does the data processing…❓
📍 What factors are…❓
📍 Why data processing is so important…❓
📍 Why skills for data processing using Spark are so unique and worth❓

We live in a time full of changes and in fact only this is certain. The conditions and value of professionals are constantly changing, growing. Our expectations are also changing. Moreover, we live faster, walk faster, speak and think faster.

Therefore, it is crucial to build a strong brand that will stay in the minds of teammates, projects and companies for good, and assure your strong position on the software market.