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Learning Python

What is Python programming?

Python is a high-level programming language used in general-purpose software engineering. It’s server-side language – i.e. it runs on the server and is responsible for processing input logic, interacting with databases and other servers, etc. Developed in the late 1980s by Guido Van Rossum. He modeled Python on the basis of English, eliminating unnecessary syntax to make it easier to read and write than other programming languages ​​such as Java and C. Python is an open source language that has gained in popularity in recent years through its extensive use in data science. Python is also used in the areas of machine learning, data modeling, data science, and artificial intelligence (AI), with extensive resources and libraries designed for these purposes.

Why learn Python?

  • multiple uses: Python is used in Data Mining, Data Science, AI, Machine Learning, Web Development, Web Frameworks, Embedded Systems, Graphic Design applications, Gaming, Network development, Product development, Rapid Application Development, Testing, Automation Scripting, the list goes on.
  • easy to – it’s perfect for beginners
    • learn: Python was built to get rid of the complex and keep only the essentials. For this reason, Python is easier to read, write, and learn than most other major programming languages. In addition Python has an incredibly supportive community
    • use: you can often write code faster with Python
    • obtain: Python is free, open source, and cross-platform; not all languages ​​can boast of this. 
  • fastest growing programming lauguage: Python as the fastest growing major programming language by a long-shot, by analyzing the number of visitors vs. questions about a certain topic. Referene Stack Overflow
  • high demand for jobs: Python ranks #2 in the most in-demand programming languages of 2021 Reference 
  • well paid: Python developers are one of the best paid programmers in US. Reference


Interested to learn Python?

My Distance Training together with Open EDG prepared a special materials and certification.